From Nanobubbles and nanomaterials to reverse osmosis systems, Prof. Marina Freire-Gormaly’s research group is always looking for elegant solutions to wicked problems. Our team is invested in clean energy, water and environmental sustainability. We aim to understand how to improve existing systems and minimize their degradation by using recent developments in machine learning, advanced manufacturing and enhanced in-situ visualization. Furthermore, we aim to develop new instrumentation and techniques to address emerging areas to improve the sustainability of the systems we rely on for our daily life, such as for power generation and clean drinking water.


What's New



Our lab group received a grant from the CSA for Nanobubble Technology for gas-liquid enhancement in food growth applications for spaceflight environments



Our team had the privilege to present their projects at CSME 2024. See you next year in Montreal!



Welcome Akibul! Our new student is working on innovative carbon capture systems