The Freire-Gormaly Lab has supported several Capstone 4th Year team projects tackling a variety of Sustainable Development Goals.

C4 (Transdisciplinary) Capstone Team:

Raising Awareness of Chronic Kidney Disease in Nigeria 
The team developed a website as a platform to prevent Chronic Kidney Disease by providing online resources, education and an online community of those living with Chronic Kidney Disease and practitioners. The team also organized a public webinar featuring local Doctors and Nephrologists from Kenya.

Team members:
Marzia Naqvi, Basheer El-HassanNiloofar MortezaeiKatherine OngOdile KemgangKuldeep S. HujanNeshat MortezaeiTiana Marconi

Supervisor:  Prof. Marina Freire-Gormaly, PhD